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The Quest


Fighting the Battle Against your Limitations

Story Summary:
Image 1 Meet George Breed, a forgotten historical character who becomes a superhero as he travels into the future and enlists the help of modern-day guitarists to create a Steampunk-music utopia in Victorian society. Along his journey, George discovers the secrets of music as a universal language that transcends boundaries, promotes healing, creativity, peace, and freedom. In an epic finale, George returns to the modern era, and rescues mankind from its own destruction through the power of music.

Why does this matter?
Embrace the essence of George Breed that resides within each of us, and unlock your true potential by seizing the opportunities that life presents. In The Adventures of George Breed and his Electrified Guitar you will embark on a remarkable journey to explore the profound impact of music, and witness how it can enrich your existence. In this captivating narrative, guitars replace guns, and the battle is waged against our own limitations. Music emerges as a potent force, capable of catalyzing transformative change to uplift our lives and amplify our experiences.

Image 1 George Breed:
In real life, George Breed was a military inventor who patented the first electrified guitar in 1890. What is incredible to comprehend, in his invention, George sent electricity through guitar strings. Unlike today’s modern electric guitar where electricity is isolated to the amplifier, George probably wanted to change how music was created and experienced! …But unfortunately, George’s invention was a complete failure. To learn more about George Breed, please visit the George Breed Historical Society

George Breed's groundbreaking invention of the first electrified guitar proves to be a resounding failure, as its cumbersome weight of over 20 lbs and the notion of electricity flowing through guitar strings fail to captivate the interest of the masses. Parallel to the vices prevalent in the late 1800s, George succumbs to the challenges of his era—struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, facing homelessness, and grappling with the pervasive grip of racism. These adversities transform George into a bitter individual, teetering on the edge of self-destruction.

The Time Machine Guitar


A Chance Encounter

Image 1George Breed, a forgotten inventor, a loser who missed an opportunity to change music forever….until he meets Nikola Tesla in 1893. Even by today’s standards, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair was an incredible spectacle. Image 1 It drew an estimated 27 million people across 600 acres, including almost 1 million square feet of exhibition space. For comparison purposes, that is more than twice the size of the largest football stadium in the USA. Here, George meets Tesla and they collaborate to create an electrified guitar that teleports people into the future based on the music’s vibrational energy. To learn more, visit our Virtual Reality Game section

Image 1
As George ventures into the future, he joins forces with contemporary guitarists who resonate with the vibrational energy of music, embodying diverse genres such as blues, instrumental, folk, country, and heavy metal/rock.



George Becomes a Hero

With each guitar genre holding its distinct transformative force, the Victorian society undergoes remarkable metamorphosis, paving the path towards a captivating Steampunk-music utopia.

Imagine a world where music resounds as the driving force, filling the air everywhere and serving as a transformative elixir to heal, inspire, unite, and spread love, bringing profound meaning and joy to our lives. To see the incredible musical inventions created during this time, a musical airship, a military tank that plays music - please visit our Steampunk World.

In this extraordinary realm, George Breed assumes the mantle of a visionary leader, joined by these modern guitarists who become the revered superheroes of the past, igniting a revolution driven by the harmonious power of their strings.

Our stories will demonstrate the vast untapped potential of music in creating positive change, including fostering healing, promoting creativity, unity, and spreading peace throughout the world.

Rather than creating comic superheroes from scratch, wouldn’t it be more compelling to use real guitarists?

Dr. Healer


Blues Music Heals the Gilded Age

We need real superheroes in today’s world. Superheroes who can show the way for young people to stay away from drugs, remain in school, go to church, and live a fulfilling life. In the Adventures of George Breed and his Electrified Guitar we are developing a storyline that harnesses the power of modern-day guitarists as catalysts for positive change. Through a remarkable journey back in time to the Victorian era, they will enlighten society in a way that surpasses our current appreciation of music, ushering in a revolutionary Steampunk driven world.

In our journey towards the future, we will create captivating "FAN ART" to engage popular guitarists and invite them to participate in our comic book and virtual reality game. Our aspiration is that they embrace our message of peace and harness the power of their music as a transformative path. To learn more, please visit our Substack page and consider participating in our campaigns.


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In a vast world filled with talented comic artists seeking dedicated opportunities to refine their craft, only a select few are fortunate enough to secure full-time employment with major studios. However, we recognize the immense potential of the broader artist pool. If you represent a guitarist or composer who is eager to contribute and collaborate, we warmly welcome your involvement, as together we aim to support the global artist community and the world of guitarists. Your participation will help create a bridge between these two creative realms, fostering a mutually beneficial and enriching exchange.

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